Muslimah’s, How Do You Keep Your Brows Groomed?

Because of religious reasons, so many Muslim women choose not to remove the hair on their brows. That means no plucking, waxing or threading which may seem a little tricky but I’ve met quite a few women who’ve managed to make it work for them. Not too long ago, this lovely girl who doesn’t pluck her eyebrows demonstrated what she does with her brows. As she doesn’t pluck, there’ll be stray hairs but she managed to create a great shape with her eyebrows and there wasn’t a stray hair in sight and it looked very neat and groomed.

What do you ladies do to keep your brows groomed? Share some of your tips with me so I can try!

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  1. I use E.L.F’s eyebrow kit which is amazing, it literally changed my makeup life, for only $3 US dollars it was a steal for amazingly groomed and natural looking brows! You can order it online during a sale or something, there is a gel formula and a powder, it come in four different brow shades so there is definitely something for everyone!

  2. Most of the girls in GCC who prefer not to cut or plug thiere eyebrows tend to use hair bleach from boots , they apply it over the unwanted hair in a way to shape tbe eyebrows in the desired shape, its easy , quick & gives pretty results the only disadvantage i found is the maintanance every two weeks

  3. Asalamamalaikum, I have an issue on the brow lines meeting up on the center of my forehead. What do i do about that ?

  4. I’ve always been a fan of natural but groomed brows. I simply use: an eyebrow pencil (to fill it the end of my brows where they begin to sparse out) and a clear brow gel to brush my brows in their natural shape.

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