Some Things Just Deserve a Second Chance..

Friendships, relationships, make-up.. Sometimes you just need to assess things and give them a second chance.

I usually don’t blog about a product I don’t like unless I absolutely loathe it and I was actually going to write a scathing review of Benefit’s POREfessional primer but after reading Sam Ram‘s review of it, I decided to give it a second chance and I actually like it! I’m quite shocked that my words about this are positive but I think the reason I hated it was because I was applying it all wrong.

When I’m usually applying primer, I just squirt it into my palms, rub it into my hands and spread it across my face as I would with a moisturiser but when I used this technique to apply the POREfessional, whenever I’d apply foundation over it, the POREfessional would move with the foundation when trying to blend it and it just left my skin in a sticky mess. I tried this a few more times until I just tossed it to one side and let it gather dust. Funnily enough I brought it with me on my travels for some odd reason and I think it must be fate because after using it properly the POREfessional‘s given me a completely flawless face and when I saw flawless, I mean it. It fills and smooths out every pore and crevice to the point where there’s no pore in sight.

Not bad for a second chance eh?