Virginity Soap? Pigs Can Most Certainly Fly..

Virginity Soap? Pigs Can Most Certainly Fly..


Yes. Virginity soap. What does it even do? Give you your virginity back? I have no clue!

I found this in a small shop yesterday and just had to take a snap of this and show you ladies. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this soap but there’s more of a sinister message to this..

Lately I’ve been coming across products for the intimate area that promise to lighten, tighten and everything between but do we really need it? Cosmetics brands are always bringing out new products to deal with ‘problems’ we never even noticed before and once you get a product that claims to give you a bum like Jennifer Lopez, every woman then realises that she doesn’t have the perfect bottom. So sad. And now with these products out, I just don’t want women thinking that they need to fix downstairs too. They really don’t need to.

Also, don’t get me started on the virginity part. I’m not sure what this brand claims their soap can do but if it’s something along the lines of it reversing time then a massive, epic fail on their behalf!

Finding this soap actually coincides with an article I was reading a few hours earlier on a new cream in India called, what for it… 18 Again! It claims to make you ‘feel like a virgin again’ by tightening you up. Absolutely ridiculous but then again, many brands feed off the insecurities of women and in India a woman who isn’t a virgin isn’t usually deemed to be marriage material so what better way than to use 18 Again to win your in-laws over? Take a look at the video and prepare to die of embarrassment:

I hope this trend doesn’t find its way to the UK but with FemFresh‘s recent vomit and cringe inducing advertising campaign where they called used words like Va Jay Jay, Froo Froo and Nooni to label the obvious, it seems like every brand wants to tell us something. I just can’t..

What do you ladies think? Is this necessary and can you foresee a trend here?