My Dream Beauty Collaborations

My Dream Beauty Collaborations

The latest news in beauty is that Azealia Banks and MAC are collaborating to create a limited edition lipstick called Yung Rapunxel which I’m incredibly excited for. It’s a gorgeous deep plum/purple which is exactly the type of lipstick I’d go for! MAC are famous for their constant collections and collaborations with celebrities, personalities and icons as well as OPI with their recent collections with Nicki Minaj and The Muppets and NARS who recently worked with designer Thakoon on limited edition nail polishes and their much awaited Andy Warhol inspired collection (looks tres amazing, I’ll definitely be getting my hands on something!). If I had my way, the following collaborations would happen:

Christina Hendricks & L’Oreal – I have an obsession with red hair and Christina Hendricks is the ambassador for redheads as far as I’m concerned so that’s why L’Oreal and Christina need to make a collection of red hair dye! I can imagine strawberry blondes all the way to firetruck reds. By the way, did you know that Christina is a natural blonde?

Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl & Tom FordGeorgina isn’t a major character in Gossip Girl but she does have a major effect on my heart. I just love her! Her make-up is always super pale with played up eyes or lips for impact and Tom Ford is the perfect brand to channel that. I can imagine a collection involving a quad palette with a 3 mattes shades of a black, poison green, a deep violet and a shimmery black with a luxurious, glossy red lipstick to complete things. All of these colours connote what Georgina Sparks is about with her sly, cunning, risk taking personality and penchant for evil.

Jessica Rabbit & MAC – This needs to happen soon! Jessica Rabbit to me is all about crimsons, burgundies, blood reds, royal blues and red glitter so I expect red blush, red lip glitter and a blue eyeshadow thrown in too!

Chicago the Musical & NARSChicago is one of the best musicals ever made and every time I watch it, I take in the costumes and stage make-up. NARS is a brand with sleek, sophisticated packaging and would be the only brand that could carry off a collection with the musical. My dream collection with Chicago and NARS would involve an eyeshadow duo; a matte black with a silver sparkle and midnight blue, a deep Bordeaux lipstick and an eyebrow pencil to create that all important Flapper’s brow.

Mataano & IMAN CosmeticsMataano, a fairly new fashion label and IMAN Cosmetics would go together hand in hand. Wouldn’t you just love a collection with products inspired by their native country, Somalia? Rich textures and colours drawn from the fabrics, spices, beauty, traditions, music, streets, war, stories and poetry. I would snap up the entire collection without even thinking!

Essie & Jimmy Choo Essie and Jimmy Choo are heavyweights in their fields so the two coming together to create a collection for your tootsies is just natural! The nail polishes would each complement a particular Jimmy Choo shoe. For example, a muted grey shade to pair with the Lance Sandal and a candy apple red to go with the patent Anouk (even though you wouldn’t see your toes with these on).

What would your dream beauty collaborations be ladies? Let me know!