Banish Dry Hair With Dry Hair! (I'll Explain..)

Banish Dry Hair With Dry Hair! (I’ll Explain..)

If you were to ask me the one product my hair couldn’t do without, it’d be conditioner! I can wash with it, moisturise with it, detangle with it and it leaves my hair looking beautiful but in times of severe laziness the Percy and Reed No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner* comes in very handy. As the packaging says, “forget water, there’s a Martini waiting!” (a virgin Martini of course!), why waste time fussing over my hair when I’ve got so much more to do?

All it takes is a little spray all over your hair for the dry conditioner to work its magic. Almost immediately, you notice that your hair is softer, lighter and easier to style. I think this is great for when your hair is in a styling rut as you can just spray it, shake your hair around a little, brush it or whatever you have to do and then you’re good to go and this applies to both curly and straight/blow dried hair.

It’s the perfect product for 2-3 day old hair which is starting to get a little dirty, dry or just hair that’s screaming for a pick me up!