Tanning for Women of Colour Project

Tanning for Women of Colour Project

In the coming weeks, you’ll see myself and a few bloggers reviewing tanning products and putting them to the test to see how they work on a variety of skin tones and hues. Each group member is of a different MAC shade so we’ve been put into groups based on those shade numbers:

Group A (NC30 – NW30- NC35- NW35) Group B (NC37 – NC40 – NW40 – NC42) Group C (NW43 – NC44 – NC45 – NW45) Group D(NW47 – NC50 – NW50) Group E (NC55 – NW55)

I’m in Group D (although it’s not my exact MAC shade, it’s slightly darker than the foundation I usually wear) so you’ll be able to see and in order to see whether the particular tanning product we’ll be reviewing will suit you, you can refer to the blogger who matches your MAC shade the most.

The brands we’ll be reviewing:

Week of the 10th : Review of BeauBronz
Week of the 17th  Review of Karamel & Brown
Week of the 24th Review of Vita Liberata
Week of the 1st October Review of MakeBelieve
Week of the 8th October Review of Xen-Tan

Group members :

Safiyah FrootiBeauty
LaaLaa DolceVanity
Annie Disneyvore
Tass Une Tasse
Stephanie Nerd about Town
Laa Laa Dolce Vanity
The first review will be next week, so until then! :)