My Love Affair with Blush Started With These

20120912-205143.jpg20120912-205150.jpgThe first time I ever appreciated the magical power of a blush was when I was 15. Straight after school, I’d jump on the bus with my friends and we’d go to Superdrug with and play around with the testers and that’s when I came across these Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes. These baked blushes come in the cutest packaging and have a powdery rose scent to them and I always take in the smell to remind me of my teenage years!

The blushes are quite varied in shades and they suit women with darker skin (in fact, some of them are the best blushes around for women of colour), especially Rose Thé which is a gorgeous shade and compliments brown skin so well!

The Bourjois blushes triggered a zeal for blushes and nowadays my blush collection is far too large to count but you’re sure to find créme blushes from BECCA, the infamous Orgasm from NARS and cheap but ridiculously pigmented blushes from La Femme (just £2.99 each!). I just love blush!