Tans for Women of Colour | Abi O BeauBronz

Tans for Women of Colour | Abi O BeauBronz

To kick off the Tanning for WOC Project, the group started with reviewing the Abi O Shimmer Tan Boost*. Abi O is a tanning brand founded by Abigail Oleck who’s a celebrity tanning expert. Her clients include Duncan James and a few of the cast of Eastenders and Hollyoaks. Her brand features natural, paraben free and orgaic products and they also suit women of colour too which is refreshing to see. In fact Abigail held an event last week with women of colour and demonstrated her products on women with darker skin to show how they look on the skin.

Packaging: The Shimmer Tan Boost comes in a 50ml trial size or 250ml. Packing is sleek, golden and cute.

Finish: It’s a golden shimmer which leaves the skin glistening and glimmering. Love it!
Texture: The second you pump the product out, it’s like liquid gold which I’m really impressed with. It has a creamy but very light texture.

Key Ingredients/Facts: There is aloe vera, 2.5% Ecocert DHA which is the ingredient that causes the tanning.

Application: The instructions to apply the Shimmer Tan Boost are to ‘apply in a circular motion for a glistening gold tan booster for all skin tones. Wash hands after use’. I’ve applied with both a mitt and with hands and there’s really no difference, it just depends on what’s available to you and what you prefer.

Smell: I’m not keen on its smell, it smells like usual tanning products. However, after the product dries the smell goes away which I guess isn’t so bad.
Who this would be perfect for: I think this product is great for those with tanned skin or for those who already have a tan (just back from holiday?) as it compliments a tan incredibly well. The shimmer will look gorgeous on darker skin. If used properly (on the collar bones, center of legs and shoulders) it’d look so gorgeous on skin to create that Nia Long and Jada Pinkett Smith look.