If You're Prone to Acne Keep Away From This Oil!

If You’re Prone to Acne Keep Away From This Oil!

Ugh, my skin has erupted in a mountain of spots thanks to my curiosity! As a beauty writer I get to try a lot of products including skincare and I found this lying around my house one day and decided to try it. My skin was feeling very dry and deprived of moisture so I tried the NUDE Replenishing Night Oil* one evening to see whether it’d do something. When I woke up the next morning, I found that it definitely did something. It did something so much so that I woke up with small whiteheads all over my skin and when I say all over I mean it!

Now my skin has broken out and doesn’t seem to be getting better unfortunately. I’m talking painful spots all over my skin which is frustrating to say the least so I’ll keep this short and sweet; keep well away if your skin is prone to acne in the slightest as you’re an oil away from an uncontrolable breakout!