So I Picked Up A New Cleansing Tip From A Celebrity Facialist And Here’s What It Is…

…cleanse once, tone, cleanse twice and tone! That’s the tip I picked up from facialist to the Hollywood stars, Nuz Shugaa who counts an insane amount of actors, singers and television presenters including Amanda Seyfried who’s an acne sufferer just like me which is assuring as her skin is now in great condition.

I met Nuz Shugaa at a press event earlier this week for Pearl Drops where she was giving facials and working her magic on my skin. She advocated the benefits of double cleansing but there’s one thing I wasn’t doing which makes so much sense now that I think about it. Toning in between double cleansing makes sense as the toning after the first cleanse will remove what the cleanser may not have been able to remove. I tried the method and my skin hasn’t felt as refreshed and clean than when I do this.

There are 4 toners that are the upper echelon of all toners; they rid the skin of any last traces of cleanser, oil and makeup and leave the skin soft,  balancing the skin so it’s not dry or oily as well as addressing skin concerns such as acne and dry skin. If you want something super cleaning, then Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion* is a pretty strong toner but then the Thea Skincare Rebalance Clarity Calming Facial Toner* with its tea tree essential oil, back willow bark, oat extract, organic aloe vera juice and orange blossom calms acne prone, irritated skin as well as helping to clear it out too. If you’re looking for something simple yet effective at leaving your skin as clean as can be, Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Toner* must just be your thing but the vitamin C in Avalon’s Organics Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner* thanks to a super combo of papaya, aloe and cucumber brightens the skin, eliminate damage from free radicals and fight photo-ageing due to sun exposure.

So go and get toning and spritzing (oh, and double cleansing too!) and let me know how you get on!