Green Nails to Match the Rainy Days

It’s been rather soggy in London lately with heavy showers (fancy cutting down on your water bill and having a shower in the middle of the road?) and the sight of soggy leaves and mud on the London streets is oh so common as a Londoner. This is the type of weather that just makes me want to wrap a duvet all over myself and snuggle up with Charlie Tom Thomas on the sofa, but also pull out the nail kit and do my nails.

This is the Angelica Nail Colour in Sweet Pea which you can get your hands on for just £2.50. Oh, did I just mention that it’s £2.50? It’s from Primani ( Primark for those of you not in the know about super cheap British retailers) and don’t you like how it matches my umbrella handle and the greenery behind me? Next time we have a change in weather, I’m running back to Primark just in case I need a nail polish to match an unnatural heat wave in the middle of October, heavy snow in London or any weather condition as a result of global warming!