Take Some Notes Ladies, THIS Is Why You Need to Double Cleanse!

Take Some Notes Ladies, THIS Is Why You Need to Double Cleanse!

Whether you’re a graduate fresh out of university or haven’t been to school in decades, you’re never too old for a lesson especially when that lesson is all about skin care. So many of us are clueless about how to thoroughly cleanse and we really need to up our game and that’s where double cleansing comes in. For those of you who don’t know, double cleansing is exactly what it is; double cleansing aka cleansing twice. It’s what every skincare expert and facialist I know suggest to do and they don’t recommend it for nothing!

‘Like dissolves like’ is what I learned in chemistry (the only science subject I liked and paid attention to!) and when you apply this rule to skin care, oil based makeup, dirt and sweat is best removed with an oil or balm/butter cleanser. The oil or cleansing balm/butter will clean your makeup which is the first step; once that’s been done, use a gentle foaming cleanser to do the rest of the job which is to cleanse the skin further.

Moving on to why you need to double cleanse, double cleansing will:

  • Give you overnight results – I know I’ve cleansed my skin properly when I see that my skin is clearer in the morning.
  • Ensure your makeup looks better – Cleaner skin means clearer skin and clearer skin will ensure you look great.
  • Make it easier to pick up other good skin care habits.
  • Make you grateful in many years to come – those who look after their skin now often look great when they’re older.
  • Give you a mini facial treatment – as you’re removing the oil with a warm flannel, the steam from the warm water enters the pores and cleanses efficiently and we all knows that there’s something miraculous about steam and the skin!
  • Get down to the nitty gritty of things and obliterate those blackheads, blocked pores and pesky spots.

Class is dismissed ladies, go back to your notes and make sure you do your homework (double cleansing) and pass the test (getting great skin)!