The Mixstress Workshop | Charcoal & Manuka Face Mask

My skin is currently doing this thing where it misbehaves and breaks out like crazy which is extremely frustrating to say the least, however I’m treating the breakout and this mask is one of the things I’m incorporating into my skincare to do so. I’ve combined three super zit busters to create a super duper zit buster. Manuka honey, yoghurt and activated charcoal (which I buy from Sheabutter Cottage) have antibacterial properties and have no mercy on your spots whatsoever. After an hour or so of wearing this mask and I washed it out, I noticed that quite a lot of the spots I had raised to a head which just shows how effective it is in drawing out bacteria and all that lovely stuff.

The mask is enough for up to three uses, there’ll be quite a bit so be very liberal in applying the mask as that’s what has worked best for me.


2 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder

1 tablespoon yoghurt

1 teaspoon Manuka honey


Mix the yoghurt and honey until the honey has mixed into the yoghurt well

Then carefully (I mean extremely carefully otherwise you’ll get charcoal everywhere like I did!) add the charcoal to the mixture stirring it bit by bit.

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  1. How did the mask work out for you? I’m currently trying out a honey and charcoal only recipe, do you think the yogurt would make a significant difference in the effectiveness of the formula? Glad to have found your site btw.

    • Hafsa Issa-Salwe

      Hi Margie, it worked well and it helped to deep cleanse my skin and calm down a breakout I had. The yoghurt wouldn’t really make a significant difference but the charcoal would.

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