Makeup Shopping Tips For Niqabis!

Makeup Shopping Tips For Niqabis!

Just because a woman covers her face it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to look beautiful too!  In Saudi Arabia where many women wear it, it’s fair to say that they are a million times more glamourous than their British counterparts because a lot of the time what you see under the niqab is nothing but pure skills and make-up game.

I know plenty of women who chose to cover their face with what’s called the niqab in Arabic and people have many ideas about women that wear it and the difficulties they may have with basic tasks like eating in public and even purchasing make-up but after speaking with a lovely reader called Amina, she gave me the low down on make-up shopping when wearing the niqab:

“Well before I started wearing the niqaab, I was a make-up-holic anyway so I pretty much knew what products worked and what didn’t in terms of colour and shades etc. One thing I struggle with is foundation so I usually just ask for samples, most brands do that for at least one or two of the foundations they sell. In the case of not finding the sample to try, I would think about the price, if its expensive I usually wouldn’t risk it, if it’s cheap (e.g drugstore brands) I would go for it anyway and if its not such a great product I’ll use it in conjunction with another good product to make it last longer or I’ll it give to someone.

With blushes, eyeshadow and lip glosses I swatch it on my hand and that is usually enough to know whether it will work, but if you’re not confident enough just ask a consultant which colours will best suit your skin tone. Also, with some places like MAC you can find a secluded area to try make-up on you (but they offer sample pots anyway in the shade and foundation of your choice) or you can slightly lift your veil when there are no men present and get someone to try it on your jawline, which is where you should check foundation anyway.

I think one thing is just don’t be scared. With foundations, use up all the means you have; ask for samples (I never used to do this ever but I’m glad I’ve recently started because it helps save a lot of money), ask if there are secluded areas in the store where you can try it out, or like I mentioned before just show them a bit of skin when no men are present and they should be able to tell your colour”.

Phew! Such detailed advice there, thanks Amina!