Weekend Reads | Moroccan Beauty!

Weekend Reads | Moroccan Beauty!

Above are a few photos of beautiful Morocco for you to drool over! I love everything Moroccan – the culture, people, dialect and way of speaking in Arabic, food and clothing. I’m blessed to have many people both friends and family that hail from Morocco in my life so I think I’ve learned my fair share about the culture. Other than the things I mentioned, it’s the beauty secrets, spas and products that really fascinate me.

A Moroccan Bathing Tip!

My Moroccan friend shared this little bathing tip that many Moroccans follow. It’s a wonderful way of bathing and you’ll notice a difference in how clean your skin will feel!

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask + Amla Oil = A Happy Head of Locks!

MoroccanOil isn’t exactly a Moroccan brand, but they use the very Moroccan argan oil which has been a total blessing for my hair. I add a couple of drops of amla oil to MorocanOil’s Intense Hydrating Mask for something a little more moisturising. Soft hair for days!

How I Brought Morocco to my London Bathroom!

Not everyone’s blessed with unlimited funds to go on holiday to Morocco, but LUSH’s Glorious Mud will practically transport you to Morocco for just £3.95.

Moroccan Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered what a Moroccan hammam is like?

How Argan Oil is Made

I’ve always wanted to see the magic behind how argan oil is made but Rebecca from Be Beautiful Blog was lucky enough to visit Morocco and watch a few local Moroccan women working to turn kernels into the oil that we’ve all come to love.