Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

You’ve heard serums for your skin and even the body, but what about your teeth? I’m a huge obsessive about keeping my teeth as straight and white as possible so I leapt at the news that our teeth can now join in on the serum fun with Pearl Drops’ Beauty Sleep* and now I’m leaping at how much of a difference it’s made to my teeth!

 Pearl Drops’ Beauty Sleep is a serum to be worn overnight whilst it whitens, restores and protects your gnashers (teeth for you non-Brits!) thanks to a cocktail of Vitamin E and mint oils. Serums work best whilst you’re sleeping as the body repairs itself and the ingredients in the serum, active oxygen in particular will get straight to working on your teeth. My father always advocates the benefits of sleep so I think he’ll be glad to know that I’m going to sleep a little often!

After a week of using Beauty Sleep I’ve noticed that I wake up each morning with minty fresh breath and my teeth are looking slightly lighter and brighter. I can only imagine the difference it’ll make in the coming weeks!

You can get your hands on Beauty Sleep for just £3.49 at BootsAsda and Superdrug.