If There Are Just Two Nail Colours I’d Be Allowed To Wear This Winter It’d Be These!

When I spotted these nails at Elie Saab and Chanel, I just had a little moment to myself and have been obsessing over grey nail polish ever since. I’ve been a fan of nude nails for the longest time anyway but grey has just recently been added to the ‘I’ll be wearing this until I’m 76 or whatever years old’ list!

Both nudes and grey are so simple yet make the biggest impact. What I love about them is that they’re very versatile and adapt to whatever you’re wearing be it a sophisticated cocktail dress or your usual everyday wear. They also have this elegance about them which is exactly what winter is about. Elegance!

As nude is not just one universal colour, Ciate’s Complexion Collection ensures that no skin tone is left out. From left to right we have Honeybee, Ivory Queen, Golden Sands, Butterscotch and Pecan Pie.

With the grey, NARS’ Storm Bird nail polish part of their Fall 2012 (feels so weird calling Autumn Fall!) is a gorgeous creamy grey that just oozes sophistication. When worn properly with a base and top coat it just looks breathtaking!

  • http://www.lifecellskincreamreview.com/ Ann Reid

    I love the shades of Ciate. What caught my eye was the pecan pie and butterscotch shade. I would like to try them so I guess I have to buy them this weekend. Can’t wait to try them on.

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