How I Found My Perfect Red Lipstick In A Lipgloss

It goes without saying that every woman must have that perfect red lipstick; even if you’re a product junkie and are forever adding a new lipstick to your ever growing arsenal of killer lipsticks, you must have one that you’ll stock up on (by the thousand) should it ever become discontinued. Me? Not really..

I’ve come close to finding my perfect red lipstick with MAC’s Diva but I still have some reservations about it, mainly due to it being very drying but I’ve finally found the perfect red lipstick for me, but it’s a lip gloss. Confused? I am too, not at it’s possible for a lip gloss to be my favourite red lipstick but confused at how Lancôme can create the perfection that is the L’Absolu Creme De Mat in Potion D’Amour and make it a limited edition product as part of their Midnight Roses collection. Why would you do this to me Lancôme? What did I do to deserve such injustice?

The L’Absolou Creme De Mat is a lip gloss that ‘combines the gentleness of a gloss and the coverage of a lipstick with a deep velvety finish on the lips’ Lancôme couldn’t be more right about that description; it’s so velvety smooth on the lips but it’s matte just like a lipstick. It doesn’t feel remotely like a lipstick at all.Where they do that at? Why Lancôme of course!

Don’t just take my word for how wonderful the L’Absolu Creme De Mat is, it looks absolutely gorgeous on Milly from Beauty Logic Blog too!