Beauty Experiences | Dermalogica Westfield

Beauty Experiences | Dermalogica Westfield

Every month I make sure I head over to the Dermalogica counter at Westfield in Shepherds Bush, London for a facial and I always leave with super clear skin that behaves exactly how I want it for weeks to come. The great thing about the Dermalogica facials is that they tailor them around your skin needs and concerns so no one facial is the exact same to another. For example, if my skin is feeling tight and dry one month then my facialist uses a moisturising mask like the Skin Hydrating Mask rich in cucumber, arnica, bitter orange and vitamins A, C and E but if I’ve been breaking out another month then she’ll skip the exfoliation and focus on extraction.

Before you start off with the facial, the facialist will usually analyse your skin, ask you questions about your regular skincare routine such as whether you’re using any chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid and if you take any acne medication. You’ll also get asked about your skincare concerns and things you want to change; my own concerns are combination skin with a proneness to breaking out. Once she’s got a good idea of your routine and concerns, the facialist then gets to skin mapping which is analysing different parts of the face such as the forehead, cheeks and chin and looking at the concerns of each part of the skin. I’ve personally noticed how accurate my facialist is and she points out things about my skin that I myself have had no clue about like the skin around my nose being particularly drier than every where else and how breakouts across the forehead could indicate a digestion problem.

The first step in my facials is the double cleansing with Dermalogica’s PreCleanse and then the Special Cleansing Gel, a ‘soap –free, foaming gel designed to thoroughly remove excess oils and impurities without drying the skin’. Whilst cleansing the skin, your facialist will give you the most amazing facial massage ever. The massage helps to get the grime out of the pores a lot better than usual and it also helps to get the circulation going and as well as that, instant relaxation! As my skin is prone to breakouts, my facialist avoids exfoliation but to remove the cleanser, she used a warm flannel which removes the grime better but at the same time, it ever so gently exfoliates the skin which is great for acne prone skin.

Then it’s time for extraction for those who need it. Extraction is removing whiteheads and blackheads on the skin as they create further problems for you if they’re not removed. However, don’t mistake this with popping spots as you should never do that. If I have a spot, my facialist will leave it to itself as if you pop it, it’ll only become worse and as many as five spots could sprout in its place! Extraction tends to hurt if your skin is sensitive so do let your facialist know beforehand.

Third thing on the list is a face mask. My facialist uses a mask laden with clays such as bentonite and kaolin which are miracle workers for oily and acne prone skin as they bring the junk to the surface of your skin and they’re super cleansing. To allow the mask to penetrate into pores, steaming takes place. Many facials involve either steaming before or after the face mask but many facialist recommend using a mask either before or whilst the mask is on your face. Steaming before will open up your pores therefore the mask is absorbed better.

The most exciting part of the facial for me is when my facialist uses a blue light to kill the bacteria in the skin. Dermalogica is a very innovative brand and uses the best technology to create great skin and their light technology depending on the particular light could help with problems like acne and ageing. There’s the red light for stimulating collagen production and the blue light which I always use rids the skin of bacteria, creates a bacteria-free ozone and calms the skin. It can sometimes be combined with the red light.

My regular facials with Dermalogica have provided me the opportunity to discover many miraculous products including the following:

Renewal Lip Complex – this balm is the ultimate treat for your lips. It’s designed to help with wrinkling and very dry lips with its avocado oil, shea and cocoa seed butters.
Dermalogica PreCleanse – this is a cult beauty product for a reason. My facialist always recommends double cleansing; the first step is to remove any make-up you’ve worn and to remove the top layer of grime that your skin has accumulated over the day and the second step is to further cleanse with a cleanser. I massage the lightweight oil with apricot kernel, rice bran and kukui nut oils into my skin and rinse where it then turns into a milky emulsion.
Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant – This scrub self heats upon exfoliation which ensures the ingredients prickly pear, retinol, vitamin C, soybean, white tea and liquorice root penetrate deeper into the skin. Your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and fresh the minute you wash it off!