:O The Shock! I Actually Like The Smell of Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean Shower Butter!

:O The Shock! I Actually Like The Smell of Soap & Glory’s Whipped Clean Shower Butter!


Soap & Glory are one of my favourite bath and body brands and I think my favourite drug store brand come to think of it, however the smell of their products just rub me the wrong way. They’re far too sweet and are like a saccharine overload, but there’s the odd moment where I think ‘hmm they don’t smell that bad’ however those moments are frankly few and far between. But what if I were to tell you I came across a product of theirs that actually smells bearable? Something that not just 15 year old girls like? Well it’s true, I came across what I thought was the impossible and it’s the Soap & Glory Whipped Clean and I just had to run away with it because it smelled so good!

Whipped Clean doesn’t smell like your average Soap & Glory product, rather it smells like whipped pistachios, vanilla and almond and considering it’s from Soap & Glory, I just can’t stop sniffing it! Not only does it smell delicious, it’s packed with super moisturising oils and butters (25% to be exact) including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters which would obviously give it a different consistency to other shower products. It’s very creamy and buttery which I really love, but that made me question whether it’d be able to lather up and to my surprise it actually lathers a lot better than many other products I’ve used. I used the tiniest amount and managed to get a lot of lather.

When I’m out of the shower, my skin is quite soft and moisturised which is great as I’ll be needing something a little moisturising during the winter, however it’s not so moisturising that I’d forgo using a moisturiser. To keep up with the pistachio goodness I follow up with Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter* and everything just smells delicious and pistachio-y!

Super moisturising, smells great and is from Soap & Glory! Who’d have thought?