Are These The Kinda Comments I'd Receive If I Went On TV?

Are These The Kinda Comments I’d Receive If I Went On TV?

I watch The Only Way is Essex which would probably come as a surprise to many but I love the show, it’s my guilty pleasure! I get myself cosy on the sofa with something to munch on and just get lost in the world of Essex which I never take too seriously until last night. I was watching the show and Little Chris’ girlfriend Taylor was introduced to the show. Now I won’t lie and say that the  first thing I noticed was her eyes or something because that’s not true. My eyes went straight to her acne and that’s fine, because I suffer from acne too and my acne has been exactly like Taylor’s lately. The spots around the chin and cheeks indicate that it’s hormonal so she could be suffering from an imbalance of hormones and it’s an absolute nightmare. I’ve had moments where I haven’t wanted to leave my house let alone go on a TV show being watched by millions. That’s where I take my hat off to Taylor!

After the show finished, I went on to Twitter and noticed some of the vilest tweets I’ve ever come across. I know that Twitter is full of trolls but some of these tweets were just shocking and I think that’s because those are the same things someone would say about me if I go on TV. My skin is covered in acne and going on TV will open me up to a tonne of abuse and that’s probably why I’m so shocked at the comments because they’re personal for me.


I applaud Taylor for going on a show where fake boobs, extensions and lip gloss are arguably the most important thing so you wouldn’t be wrong for assuming that all people would do is comment on her looks. What a shallow world we live in..