Weekend Reads | Smelling Your Best

Weekend Reads | Smelling Your Best

I’ve had a fascination with fragrance from a young age which I seem to have inherited from my mother whose dressing tables are filled with the latest fragrances from fashion houses, unique perfume oils from souks in Arabia and old classics like Givenchy OrganzaElizabeth Arden Sunflowers and Chanel No 5. Perfume just runs through my veins and it’s an obsession that will never die down.

Spicing Up Boring Candles

Only my bank manager knows how much I spend on candles! I have luxury candles from the likes of Jo Malone and Cowshed scattered across my house to fill it with the scents of jasmine, tuberose, palmarosa, sandalwood, frankincense and any other exotic fragrance, but sometimes nothing beats spicing up a cheap candle with a few drops of perfume oil.

Tom Ford Private Blend Perfumes Review

Who doesn’t like Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances? Everyone I know is besotted with at least one of the many perfectly crafted fragrances. The beauty of  the Private Blend perfumes is that they’re ingenious in the sense that there are some unusual notes and blends like tobacco. Also, the main focus in these fragrances are very unconventional, for example I had never really come across a lavender based fragrance before Lavender Palm.

Parfum Du Jour | Versace Vanitas

Versace’s Vanitas is my perfume of the moment. The lime, freesia, cedar wood, tonka bean and tiare flower make this a very irressistable fragrance.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Hand Massage

Jo Malone products are not only of the finest quality, they also have the most breathtaking scents to them. My favourite Jo Malone fragrance, Nectarine Blossom & Honey can be found throughout the range of hand wash, body creme and candle. I light up my candle in the shower, but when I’m not unwinding I’ll store it in my wardrobe to subtly scent my clothes.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge | My Favourite Perfume Ever

I’ve probably said this a million times, but jasmine is my absolute favourite scent ever so I’ll snap up anything scented with jasmine and Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge is my absolute favourite jasmine scented thing in the entire world. It’s so easy to fall in love with this!

Thank You Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion For Taking Me Back To Egypt

Ever had a moment where a scent takes you back to a memory of a place or person? That’s what Jurlique’s Body Care Lotion* has done for me..

♥ My FAV Candles! ♥ + D.I.Y. Bukhoor Infusions!

How do you turn your plain old candles into bukhoor infused candles? Mona Kattan shows you!

Perfume: ‘Step into the ultimate world of luxury’

Fragrance expert Roja Dove explains why ‘oud’ is so prized in the Middle East – and why it’s heading to a perfume counter near you.