Parfum Du Jour | Lady Gaga Fame

Parfum Du Jour | Lady Gaga Fame



I won’t lie and say that I’m not a perfume snob because I am. I prefer niche fragrances to the latest celebrity offering, however the hype surrounding Lady Gaga’s Fame made me succumb to purchasing my first ever celebrity fragrance (nope, I don’t even have Britney Spears’ Fantasy!). The marketing behind the fragrance was just top notch, the anticipation was there and not only because it’s Lady Gaga, but the talk of adding sperm and blood to Fame got tongues wagging although I believe it was just talk. But did the fragrance live up to hype?

First of all the fragrance has a completely different structure to your usual fragrances that consist of top, middle and base notes. Instead there’s this ‘push pull technology’ with three accords; dark, sensual and light. The darkness is belladonna which evolves into the sensual accord with honey, saffron and apricot nectar and finally the light accord consists of crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. I don’t know about you, but isn’t that technically a perfume with top, middle and base notes? What is this talk of belladonna’s, sensuality and light accords? I think the marketing team worked a little too hard to be different!

Before I tried Fame my expectations of the fragrance weren’t very high, but I at least expected it to be a deep and musky fragrance with notes of jasmine, musk and cedarwood but never apricots and honey because we all know that Lady Gaga is far from sweet which this perfume is. Fame is very sweet and powdery considering the very unique bottle (which I love!), but I do actually like the fragrance. Although it could do with just a pinch of depth, I’d wear it when I want to feel a little girly, but I shall warn you; don’t spray too much of this otherwise you’ll be smelling too sweet and give those around you a headache!

Not what I expected, I could get used to it..