Weekend Reads | Condition, Condition, Condition!

Weekend Reads | Condition, Condition, Condition!

Want to achieve the healthiest, bounciest, shiniest, softest and just best in general hair ever? Condition! I seriously can’t stress just how important conditioning is! Regular conditioning has the ability to nourish, protect, strengthen and moisturise the hair and I can always notice the difference when my hair’s been pampered, it’s an absolute must!

The Brazilian Blowdry In A Bottle

I use this for a quick shot of moisture.

Beauty Experiences | Casa Spa

Imagine getting a relaxing head massage with a super moisturising treatment mask with honey, then soaking up some steam. Great right? In that case you must try the honey treatment at Casa Spa in London!

Banish Dry Hair With Dry Hair! (I’ll Explain..)

The Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner* isn’t your usual conditioner, it’s of the dry kind but it’s absolutely perfect for dry hair that needs sprucing up and a little moisture in the middle of the day.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask + Amla Oil = A Happy Head of Locks!

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is an amazing mask in its own right, but add a little amla to it and you’ve taken it up by many notches. I love to add a spoon or two of amla to my conditioners and my hair is always happy as a result!

The Mixstress Workshop | Coconutty Hair Masque

Best DIY hair mask, ever!!

Touché by Flavien

The Intensive Nourishing Treatment* is the star of the entire Touché by Flavien line with its hydrolyzed silk protein, shea butter and goji berry extract. It may be £68 but it’s truly worth every penny!

Battle of the Hair Masks

I’ve used quite a lot of hair masks in my time so I make my opinion clear about a few including a super-affordable-yet-million-times-better-than-the-poshest-most expensive-masks deep treatment from Boots for just £1.99.

Washing Your Hair With Conditioner

As weird as it sounds, cleaning your hair with conditioner has its perks; less frizz, less dryness and hair that’s much easier to manage!