Jet Set Beauty | Afra of Front Row Mode

Jet Set Beauty | Afra of Front Row Mode


No matter how many times I’ve been to Dubai, I can never get enough! The people, decadence, gold, food, hospitality and shopping makes me constantly return to the wonderful and cosmopolitan city, but there’s something that’s less known and it’s the fashion. I may not be too into fashion but Dubai based blogs just captivate me, my favourites include MyFashDiary, Butter Hot Shoes, Fierce Diaries and Front Row Mode. There’s just something about these blogs that leave me hanging on every last word and make me want to book a flight ASAP to Dubai to purchase the gorgeous clothing from more local designers.

One of those favourite blogs is Front Row Mode which is the destination for all things chic and elegant in the tiny emirate. There are several contributors to Front Row Mode and I recently spoke to the editor Afra, an Emirati with an enviable wardrobe on her favourite holiday destinations and the Dubai beauty scene.

1. What’s the beauty scene like in Dubai compared to the rest of the world? Are there any boutiques, beauty counters, hairdressers and facialists worth checking out? There is no such thing as a beauty scene in Dubai, i would only suggest everyone to check out Merle Norman on Jumeirah road which has some amazing skin care products.

2. Imagine your plane crashes and you’re stranded on a desert island. Which products would you save to keep with your on your duration on the island? My tone perfecting creme by Laura Mercier.

3. Best hairdresser in the world? It’s Sally Hershberger.

4. What are your favourite beauty brands for hair, skincare and makeup? Well Laura Mercier, Laura Mercier and some more Laura Mercier.

5. Who is the best makeup artist in Dubai? We don’t really have a lot of famous ones in Dubai but I would say Huda Kattan.

6. Where has your favourite holiday been? June 17th, 2010, Phuket, Thailand. IT WAS HEAVEN!

7. What’s your in-flight beauty routine like? I actually don’t really have a cream that I use in flights what I do is if the flight is long-haul I go wash my face with a wet hot towel twice.

8.Any great tips you’ve picked up from beauty experts? Yes. The more makeup you use, the more wrinkles and spots you will get on your face.