Weekend Reads | The Best of DIY

Weekend Reads | The Best of DIY


Nothing can beat the feeling I get when I buy something from the beauty halls of Selfridges or the bargains from Boots, but making your own products is like nothing else. I’ve been making my own soaps, masks, scrubs and spa treatments for years after my mother taught me some of her secrets, but a lot of the recipes I come up with are just dreamed up and then tested to see if they’re good enough for you ladies to use.

I’ve been whipping up some products that I’ll be selling at Smoky Not Smudgy , including a delightful creamy foot scrub with frankincense, mustard seed oil, goats milk and peppermint. If you can’t make it, then here are a few recipes you can follow for DIY beauty goodness!

The Mixstress Workshop | Yoghurt Foot Scrub
Lactic acid, a mild exfoliant found in yoghurt and other diary products is ideal for dry and flak feet that need a good old scrub!

The Mixstress Workshop | Amla & Coconut Conditioner
Amla oil and the wonderful coconut are two of some great things to come out of India and now you can use the two to get gorgeous locks!

The Mixstress Workshop | Honey Hand Treatment
For when your hands needs a little ‘suttin suttin’…

Mixstress Workshop | Luxury Macadamia Vanilla Scrub
Luxury doesn’t always have to cost an arm and leg, you can create your own luxuries for little to no money!

The Mixstress Workshop | Face Mist Elixir
I love a good face mist!