Put Your Best Food Forward With Saaf Pure Skincare's Foot Softening Balm

Put Your Best Food Forward With Saaf Pure Skincare’s Foot Softening Balm

It may be winter but that’s no excuse to neglect your feet and confine them to a season of socks and no TLC! I personally find that winter is the perfect time for pampering and my feet get the special treatment with a foot bath, a good old scrub and lots of Saaf Organic Foot Softening Balm*. With its beneficial ingredients such as neem, black seed and lemon myrtle oils to provide anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. So many brands deceivingly use the words ‘hydrating’, ‘moisturising’ and ‘transforming’ to label their products but there’s no deception here about the word ‘softening’, it really does soften your feet!

Here’s how I use the Foot Softening Balm:

Turn the kettle on – Heat up some water (don’t heat up the water too much though!) and then pour the hot water into a bucket and then add a cup of powdered milk and a penny sized amount of shower cream, I like Dove’s Purely Pampering Almond Cream with Hibiscus Body Wash* because it leaves the skin moisturised and smells heavenly. The powdered milk will soften the skin and gently exfoliate with lactic acid in the milk and the body wash cleans the feet. I watch some TV and let feet sit in the mixure for 30 minutes.

Get to scrubbing – As the feet are now considerably softer so it’ll be easier to file away, so I’ll use a foot file from The Body Shop. To finish things off, I quickly mix up a DIY foot scrub with yoghurt which contains lactic acid which is exfoliating. I scrub until I’m satisfied, then rinse the feet of the dead skin.

Slather it on – Now it’s the fun part; slathering a load of the Foot Softening Balm all over my feet. I take the time to massage it into my feet, paying attention to the heel and soles of the feet. Foot massage is supposed to relax and calm you down so I like to do this before bedtime.

Cover up – What’s the point in using a foot balm only for it to rub off on your bed sheets whilst sleeping? That’s why I wear cotton socks to seal everything. The best thing is taking them off in the morning to see super smooth feet!