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Beauty Experiences | Perfect 10 Beauty

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One thing that bugs me about a great facial or massage is what happens afterwards. I hate having to leave a salon, sit in traffic and kill my mood after being transported to a state of calm and tranquil, so that’s why I appreciate Perfect 10 Beauty, a mobile beauty service with lovely trained therapists who drive around in the cutest Mini’s ever. In the comfort of your own home you get treated to a number of treatments including deep tissue massage, manicure, waxing and a facial with products from great brands like Essie and Sienna X. Stay at home mums, business woman and even celebrities alike enlist the help of the Perfect 10 girls so I had to check them out for myself.

On one of my rare days off, I had the Elemental Herbology Facial* with Charlotte and it was honestly the most relaxing facial I’ve ever had! Before we got started Charlotte asked me a few questions about my skincare routine, lifestyle habits and the kind of sounds I’d prefer during the treatment (the spa music is so calming!). Then I just got all comfortable on the massage chair for Charlotte to begin the facial with a double cleanse; the products are so filled with natural goodness that I could smell the rose, frankincense, chamomile and other essential oils in the cleanser Charlotte was massaging into my skin. What followed was a bit of a blur to me because I actually fell asleep because I was that relaxed but when I woke up I noticed that I was sitting between a heating blanket (ohh I need me one of those as soon as possible!!) and having my feet massaged. Absolute bliss.. The pressure point foot massage just rounds things off nicely, but to finish off the facial Charlotte worked an essential oil mix into her hands, placed her hands directly above my face to inhale. I’ve never wanted to stay still in one spot so badly!

The glow emanating from my skin after the facial was something else! However, I did break out a little the next morning, but that’s probably due to the stimulating massage bringing all the bad stuff to the surface but it cleared up in a few days and my skin’s significantly clearer now.

Relaxing facial? Check! Stressful journey back home? Only if the idea of walking a flight of stairs to your bedroom stresses you out!