I’m a Beauty Blogger But…

I’m a Beauty Blogger But…

…I never used to wear eye-cream up until now!

I know it’s like a skincare sin but even though I have a super complicated skincare routine with double cleansing, applying a gazillion serums and regular facials I just couldn’t ever be bothered with eye-cream and it still is a bit of a struggle sticking to using an eye cream.

Whether eye-cream is necessary or not will always be one of the biggest debates in skincare along with lactic acid vs glycolic acid, how often we should get facials and whether stuffing your face with chocolate and pizza causes acne. But after talking to my mum, my resident skincare expert and trained beautician she told me to either use an eye cream or nothing at all. Usual moisturiser is just too heavy for the skin around the eyes which is 40% thinner than the rest of skin. So from then I vowed to never neglect the precious, delicate skin that sits under my eyes and I’ve now developed a few favourites:

best eye creams

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream*

Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes*