DIY Chemical Peels That Won't Have You Looking Like Samantha From SATC!

DIY Chemical Peels That Won’t Have You Looking Like Samantha From SATC!

Who remembers that episode of Sex & The City where Samantha gets a chemical peel and it goes all pear shaped?

That episode alone was enough to put me off chemical peels. They were like the evil skincare demon to me, definitely not worth the hassle but I don’t know where the sudden bravery came from but I booked myself in for a salicylic peel at Skin Health Spa after a serious breakout and I haven’t looked back since. Your skin glows, it’s smooth, spot free and keeps deep wrinkles at bay, but the only problem is the price. I’m a student and students have a tendency of being broke so I can’t always cough up for great looking skin!



However there are great alternatives to professional chemical peels, but remember how I said I was terrified of chemical peels? I was even more terrified of DIY chemical peels. I’ve watched documentaries where women have had severe chemical burns after using dodgy peels bought from eBay but I decided to venture out into the world of DIY beauty (taken a few notches up from my usual mixing of body scrubs of course) and started off with the Meso-Peel* from Filorga Laboratories, a world leading company in combined therapy medical treatments. The Meso-Peel which is available in Marks & Spencer is a quick and easy 3 step peel. Step one involves using pre-peel wipes containing papaine enzymes to initiate a soft exfoliation, step two is the actual peel which is a gel mask with a 36% cocktail of hydroxy-acids including glycolic, lactic, malic, pyruvic, salicylic and azelaic acids. Then after that’s done, it’s onto step 3 to finish off with a soothing cream.


Another DIY peel I’ve been loving is the Glycolic Acid 50% AHA Chemical Skin Peel. 50% is a lot therefore it’s imperative to be careful, and if you’re not used to glycolic acid then try Bravura’s 30% and gradually over the months work yourself up to 50%. Everyone knows that I love glycolic acid and rightly so (it’s amazing!) but it’s super strong for a few so consider this a disclaimer and that you should approach this very carefully or you may actually end up looking like Samantha!

For someone with acne prone skin and slight hyperpigmentation from breakouts, peels are provide wonderful results over time, and I absolutely love them!