Keeping It Fresh Faced With Balance Me's Bright Hydrating Face Mist

Keeping It Fresh Faced With Balance Me’s Bright Hydrating Face Mist

IMG_8238There are a lot of reasons why I need a face mist in my life; firstly, I travel frequently and hours of travelling always dehydrates my skin and secondly no matter what I do, whenever the rare moment I wear a full face of makeup happens it just looks very obvious so a spritz of Balance Me’s Bright Hydrating Face Mist* gives me that ‘I did this 5 hours ago and I’m only wearing a little makeup’ kinda look. I also love to spray the mist on a stippling or foundation brush before applying foundation so that the makeup blends effortlessly and looks natural.

In just a 60ml bottle lies a magical elixir containing a list of super ingredients including pineapple and rose floral waters, hydrating hyaluronic acid, neroli, bergamot, Roman chamomile and spikenard essential oils which not only are great for your skin but also lift your mood. I got this baby at a London Fashion Week event and with running from show to show and trying to get to them on time it’s not always a happy time so essential oils are perfect to calm you down. Also, you tend to not have much time to reapply your makeup but a quick spritz of this between shows definitely helps freshen things up.