Beauty Experiences | Cheeky Parlour

Beauty Experiences | Cheeky Parlour

cheeky 3779cheeky 3866There’s never a shortage of salons in London. Wherever you go there’ll always be somewhere promising to primp and spruce you up but despite their numbers what we’re truly short of are unique salons, but as of this week there’s a new contender here to shake things up. Her name is Cheeky Parlour and she’s Cowshed‘s younger sister.

Situated in a Shoreditch loft on trendy Redchurch Street, Cheeky Parlour is a genius concept focused on quick and fun beauty fixes. Need your nails done now? All you do is drop in without an appointment, take a ticket for a blow dry or manicure and wait. But there’s no waiting around reading old issues of Grazia or Elle in this salon, no. You can lounge around on the sofa or have something to eat at the Cheeky Cafe where I hear they do the best mac and cheese! Cheeky Parlour is somewhat of an anti-salon, it’s far removed from your usual serene, prim and proper Knightsbridge salon – there are sweet machines, a buzzing vibe, lots of conversation and a selfie studio to show off your talons to your online followers.


Using their own products, a blow dry at Cheeky Parlour will cost you just £15 where you have a choice of finishes like Pump It for bounce and volume, Soothing WavesRuffle My Feathers for that beach head look and Pimp My Plume. If a blow dry isn’t your thing and you aren’t so talented in art of the updo you have a choice of a plait, pony tail or the top knot. However when I visited the salon I opted for a manicure instead and went for Peachy Keen*, a bright coral red.


Where Cowshed excels in its reputation for being a natural luxury brand steeped in heritage, Cheeky Parlour is all about fun, instant beauty gratification and being trend forward. Comparing the Cheeky Parlour to its older sister, it truly belongs in Shoreditch. The affordable prices of the treatments sit well with Shoreditch’s many young professional inhabitants (where else can you get your nails done for just £10 and take away a nail polish of your choice?) and it’s just as much of a hangout as it is a salon.