Beauty Experiences | Wax in the City

wax in the city - dublinfichtestraße 12Waxing – one of life’s very necessary evils. The words boring, time consuming and painful come to mind. But after recently discovering new waxing studio, Wax in the City I think the three previously mentioned words will be a thing of the past for as long as I keep returning!

With popular stores already gracing the streets of Berlin where it was founded, Vienna, Dublin and Zurich it was about time that Wax in the City set up shop in London and where better than Kings Road? There’s nothing more annoying than having to put your plans on standby because of an appointment so the quick and easy walk-in system makes it ideal to fit a wax into your busy schedule. Whether it’s after lunch at one of the many cafes on Kings Road or just before work, the Wax in the City ladies (or Depiladoras as they’re aptly named) will get you waxed in no time.

Moving on to the most important stuff, it seems that the team at Wax in the City considered first impressions when launching as the super sleek and modern decor makes you forget what you’re there for. A wax. That might just hurt. It’s definitely a far cry from the usually intimidating waxing rooms in salons. And first impressions only get better as your Depiladora takes you downstairs into your own booth and gets to working. This isn’t your usual waxing experience where your therapist knows no mercy. Not at all. There are no strips involved and it’s just simply hot wax made made in their own factory back in Germany from natural beesewax which is known for its calming, soothing and nourishing qualities. What you get is a super quick and painless wax that’ll have you wondering just how it doesn’t hurt and why Wax in the City didn’t come to London any sooner. You could have avoided all of those painful waxing memories…