Beauty Experiences | Paul Edmonds Salon

Beauty Experiences | Paul Edmonds Salon


First Impressions
First thing that comes to mind? I want to live here! Candles burning in the background, chic and modern interiors with muted grey walls and complementary bursts of colour offered by beautiful orchid and lily arrangements made it very difficult for me to leave. The salon oozes opulence and I expect nothing less from a Knightsbridge salon and Paul Edmonds definitely delivers.

The Treatment
I was booked in for a full manicure, and before I had the lovely Saynab tend to my shoddy nails at the nail bar I was met with shelves of Essie polishes, but there was only one shade I had my eye on – For The Twill Of It which Essie describes to be a rich maple lacquer with reflective olive shimmer. As the star of the show in Essie’s Fall 2013 collection, it’s definitely a shade for your inner magpie but Saynab suggested going for The Lace is On, a gorgeous jewel toned pearlescent fuchsia as it’d pop against my skin. Always trust an expert!

What I Loved
There’s a real friendly, family-like atmosphere at Paul Edmonds – everyone from the clients to the team were chit chatting with each other about a range of things from Paris Fashion Week to skincare to healthy eating and the Paul Edmonds himself popped down to the nail bar for a chat and complemented me on my manicure.

Now I may not be able to live there but I can definitely visit Paul Edmonds a lot more frequently, and as I type I’m currently deciding when to book in my facial with Saynab!