Summer Protection

Summer Protection

While August in London implies a sad countdown to autumn, the opposite is true in the Gulf where the hottest month of the year brings us a glorious yet punishing sun. Nothing short of 43 degree weather making the smallest of tasks like walking from your front door to the car without breaking into a sweat a challenging task. Such weather brings truth to the hyperbole employed in many a beauty article in that it calls for a literal survival kit – sunglasses (in which case I oscillate between a trusty pair of Juicy Couture’s or a cheap pair from a random market with iridescent blue/pink lenses), cotton hijabs, copious amounts of water and of course SPF.

For glycolic acid gluttons like myself, protecting the skin against UVA/B rays is crucial. Not only does the skin become sensitive to the sun as a result of using acids, but your efforts to fade any hyperpigmentation and dark marks become fruitless as the sun continues to worsen them. Moreover, despite the myth out there that women of colour don’t need SPF, that theory is ultimately put to shame in a country like Saudi Arabia as a few hours in the sun leaves my skin totally unrecognisable if ever I forget to apply my sun cream.


I’m rarely loyal to a particular SPF, but this summer I’ve discovered two products set to change that:

Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF50+* – Designed to protect hyperpigmented and scarred skin, this product is right up my street. With its fluid and easy-to-apply consistency, none of that dreaded purple film business and non-comedogenic formula (therefore great for acne-prone skin), the Bioderma Photoderm SPOT SPF50+ leaves me with no excuse to avoid SPF as it’s the antithesis of those that are traditionally thick and greasy.

Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Sun Cream for Sensitive Skin SPF30*- Where I find the Bioderma offering to be better suited for everyday use, renowned brand Ultrasun‘s SPF I feel offers my skin more protection.