Coloured Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Coloured Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Something my friends and family have picked up on and endlessly lambast me for is my penchant for wearing dark colours, but when it comes to makeup I’m happy to venture out of my sartorial comfort zone and this becomes very evident once you rummage through my eyeliner stash. For people that find full-on colour intimidating, eyeliner is the perfect way to venture out into the water. Coloured eyeliner is your friend, holding your hand and guiding you through the makeup labyrinth.

Aside from the obvious choice of black I like the classic trick of wetting an eyeliner brush and rimming the eyes with bright eyeshadow, but as for actual eyeliner on the list of favourites are Bourjois’ Contour Clubbing Waterproof in Blue Remix and Gris TecktonikNARS’ Bourbon Street, a bright purple I snapped up after a makeup artist at their Selfridges counter assured me it complemented and enhanced my brown eyes, Lord & Berry* eyeliners in both Midnight and Smoke with the most wonderful glide and easy to apply formula I’ve ever seen, Illamasqua’s Eye Slick Stick in an intense aubergine called Igneousand the golden hazelnut Kiko Glamourous Eye Pencil in 401*.

This summer there was somewhat of an anti movement – don’t the days the sun graced us with its presence seem like a distant memory? – in that people ditched the quintessential summer palette of pinks and peaches in favour of a dark lip. For me, this attitude was just as applicable to my eye makeup as I oscillated between smoky/grunge lids with the help of Kiko’s Long Lasting Stick in Dark Taupe* and the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Smoky Emerald, or metallic rimmed eyes achieved with Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencils* in three hues indicative of autumn. With the cold season in full swing, I’m extending the use of these eyeliners right through to winter:

s1666908-main-hero-300Electric Cobalt
A perennial favourite for the likes of Pat ButcherEstée Lauder has given blue eyeliner a modern update as it isn’t as garish as that of the 80s. Nevertheless, Electric Cobalt still packs a punch in colour but is dark enough for an autumn appropriate look, and paired with a nude lip – my lipstick of choice being Aerin’s Rose Balm in Poppy* – the eyes speak for themselves.


Night Violet
Purple eyeliner has been a staple since my teen years, but the difference between then and now is my understanding of the shades of purple that suit me. W
here I’d have previously worn something far too bright, and therefore unflattering, I gravitate towards purples of the deeper persuasion. 

Armed with a Lisa Eldridge tutorial on achieving a purple cat cat eye, Night Violet is the reason I recently fell in love with what a coloured eyeliner can do all over again.


Emerald Volt
Finding an eyeliner that applies as easily on the upper lash line as the lower is a challenge, so it’s great news that these eyeliners pass the test as Emerald Volt, my favourite out of the three, is dreamy on the lids. My go-to look with Emerald Volt is a smoky lower lash line; I’ve taken to swiping Emerald Volt on the lower lash line after applying black eyeshadow in the same place, but also blending it with the handy smudging tool at the end of the eyeliner and bringing it a little lower for an ethereal look.