TONYMOLY I'm Real Tea Tree Mask

TONYMOLY I’m Real Tea Tree Mask

Going away on a weekend trip:

Pros – quick change of scenery and a bit of winter sun

Cons – skin likely to break out from the plane, skin likely to break out from the plane, skin likely to break out from the plane…

Over the last year I’ve become incredibly dependent on my Clarisonic, simply because it’s been an absolute skin changer. Gone are the days where my the main focus of my blogs are about my acne and what I’m doing to combat it – hello smooth, breakout free skin! But with that being said, I recently made the mistake of forgetting my beloved Clarisonic at home on a trip to Spain. With the temperature in the mid 20s – and also choosing to take harsh face wipes over micellar water in an attempt to overcome easyJet‘s liquid limitations – my skin ultimately broke out.mtm1njq5odi5mjc4nzczmje4

Every British beauty lover can attest to the tugging feeling that hits them upon seeing a Sephora, and so it’s no surprise that I went to the first Sephora I spotted in order to peruse the aisles in search of local products. While I didn’t discover any Spanish brands, I did find a Korean offering – TONYMOLY’s sheet masks. With my skin in dire need of calming down, I picked up their Skin Purifying mask infused with seaweed and the Skin Soothing mask with tea tree. The former broke my skin out further 👎 but I’m glad to announce that I struck gold with the latter 👍 TONYMOLY gets a thumbs up for enabling you to wake up to skin that’s glowing and significantly less inflamed ✔️

I’m currently figuring out a way I can restock on the TONYMOLY I’m Real Tea Tree Mask as they were just €1.50 in Spain, while Selfridges and other retailers are selling them for £5 a pop so naturally I’m hesitant. Let’s just hope that rumours of Sephora‘s imminent arrival to Westfield London are true 🙏