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Body Scrub

It was only until recently after speaking to a journalist from The Sunday Times Style about my love for whipping up my own beauty products that I realised it’s been a very long time since I’ve shared a recipe – and so I confess.. I haven’t made anything in months. With my bathroom cabinet bursting at the seams with products to finish and continuously forgetting to stock up on ingredients it just hasn’t happened. However I’m promising myself to find the time to get back into the kitchen and rediscover the Mixstress. I have a few things I want to try like a bath oil with lots of heady jasmine and ylang ylang, a massage bar à la Lush and even a bath bomb or two. But in the meantime I thought I’d share a recipe I’ve perfected over the years and adore very much, a peppermint and frankincense foot scrub. The amount of body scrubs I routinely get through make me somewhat of a body scrub connoisseur, and for me most foot scrubs in the market lack the grit and exfoliating power I look for in a scrub; they’re often useless jojoba beads suspended in a shower gel-like formula so you’re not able to get the kind of exfoliation your feet needs. However this scrub of mine is super thick and creamy thanks to a special foaming butter but there’s also ground pumice in the scrub to really smoothen the skin. I’ve thrown in peppermint, tea tree and frankincense essential oils for their antifungal properties and together create a great fragrance.

This scrub will ideally keep for two weeks – for roughly three cups you’ll need:

  • One full cup of foaming butter and half a cup of any carrier oil of your choice such as almond oil, olive or even coconut (but note that the latter may solidify). Using an electrical whisk, blend the butter and carrier oil so that the butter softens to a fluffy texture.
  • Frankincense, peppermint and tea tree essential oils – add a couple of drops of the essential oils each into the mixture whilst whisking.
  • Now it’s time for the exciting bit! Add the ground pumice to the mixture very slowly and gradually – too quick and you risk the pumice flying everywhere! I use around 2 cups for a super gritty scrub, but use more or less depending on your butter to exfoliant ratio preference.

The Mixstress Workshop | Dragonsblood Salt Scrub

IMG_5077Sometimes olive oil and a bit of salt doesn’t cut it, you need to take it up a notch. That’s where the Dragonsblood Salt Scrub comes in, and no it’s not special because it contains the blood of a certain mythical creature – that’s just the name of the fragrance oil I’ve added to it. Think patchouli, vanilla, rose, orange and jasmine. Prepare for your bathroom to get filled with its scent.

Unlike the very effective, but sometimes slippery salt and olive oil scrub, this doesn’t give you that usual skin-so-oily-you-might-slip-and-break-your-neck because of a foaming butter I’ve used to give it some thickness and grip. As well as that it also cleanses the skin very gently.

You Need:

2 tablespoons of foaming bath butter

1 tablespoon of soy butter

1 tablespoon of any oil you like – prefeably a scentless oil like almond

4 tablespoons of table salt – increase or decrease depending on how exfoliating you’d like the scrub

3 drops of Dragonsblood fragrance oil

What To Do:

With both butters, oil and Dragonsblood in a bowl, use an electric whisk until fully mixed together

Add the spoons of salt gradually as you whisk

The scrub is perfect for DIY pedi’s and rough bits like your elbows and knees, so if you do try it let me know what you think!

The Mixstress Workshop | Apricot, Watermelon & Peach Kernel Sugar Scrub

IMG_0069[1]IMG_0070[1]I think that by now you’d have gathered that I’m a complete and utter body scrub obsessive. I’m always mixing my own little concoctions and sharing them with you, and the latest body scrub I’ve whipped up is a skin smoothing mix of apricot kernel, peach kernel and watermelon seed oils with brown sugar.

The oils* in the scrub, which I’ve gotten from Island Naturals are rich in vitamins A and E, oleic, omega and linoleic acids so they’ll leave your skin very feeling soft and smooth. Unfortunately they don’t smell anything like watermelon, peach or apricot but I did add a couple of drops of sweet orange essential oil to give it that fruity fragrance.


1/2 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons of each oil


Pour the sugar into a container (preferably one with a lid so you can store for repeated use)

Add the oil and then gently fold the oil into the sugar and mix until the oil’s evenly mixed into the sugar

And now you have your body scrub, let me know what you think when you’ve tried it!

Inside My Winter Bathroom Cabinet

Not too long ago I showed you what was inside my bathroom cabinet but with the weather getting colder, it’s imperative that I switch things up and make a few changes. Haircare is more nourishing so it’s all about hot oil treatments and masks, my combination acne prone skin needs something nourishing to prevent it from drying out but also needs breakouts to be prevented which is where glycolic acid comes in and the body needs nothing but full on moisture so the more thick and luxurious body balms the better!

From top left to bottom right:


Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment – Hot oil treatments are vital for both preventing and treating dry hair that’s suffered at the hands of the unforgiving weather. All you do with the Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment is squirt a generous amount into a bowl in a microwave or let it sit in a bowl of hot water. Once the oil is heated just cover the hair with the oil and leave for a good hour or two.

Argania Hair Oil* - I’ve been trying to find an alternative to Moroccanoil and I’ve not had a hard time with all of these hair oils popping up from brands like L’Oreal and Kerastase. However Argania’s Hair Oil is the perfect alternative at just £14.99 and it works just as good. It smells so so so delicious (like caramel mmm…) and leaves my hair light, weightless, frizz free and very soft.

Denman D3 Coconut Scented Hair Brush - It probably took me about 5 seconds to decide to purchase this brush at BeautyMART which is in London’s Knightsbridge. I’ve used the Denman brush since I was a little girl and it’s one of those brushes that stay put without falling apart for years. It may be winter but the scent will transport me to a tropical island in the Caribbean!

Touché by Flavien*- I’ve already reviewed Touché by Flavien haircare available in Harrods and I just can’t get enough of the jasmine scented and high performing products. The star of the range is the Intensive Nourishing Treatment* which I’ll be using to hydrate my hair throughout winter.

Fekkai Essential Shea Tame & Style Pot de Creme - This’ll transform the most frizziest, driest and uncontrollable of locks and my hair falls into all three!

Bath & Body

Abahna Frangipani & Orange Blossom Shower Gel and Body Lotion* – I’ll start by saying just how great the body lotion and shower gel smell! The scent is vibrant and refreshing which isn’t your typical winter scent, but it’s uplifting and helps to cheer you up and unwind after a long day.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub - Before I start going on about how great this body scrub is, I’ll just get it out that that this is not edible regardless of how much it smells like chocolate! This body scrub is a great treat for your senses as it doesn’t just smell good, but you’ll be constantly touching your silky smooth skin.

Saaf Super Hydrating Body Balm* – This extremely moisturising body balm is reserved for those days I get caught in the rain during my commute home (you’d be surprised just how many often this happens), when I get the sniffles and when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps. It’s a super luxurious treat for my skin and the high essential oil percentage with mandarin, lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang and clove essential oils calms and relaxes me.

Sanctuary Mela Amber & Tamarind Bath Nectar - I like to think I’m in an exotic spa somewhere in India (preferably Goa if anyone wants to pay for a holiday there..) when I’m using this bath ‘nectar’. The word nectar gives connotations of nourishment and boy does this nourish your skin. I’m not a bath kinda person but I’d gladly make time to soak in the bath with it.

Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash – Sometimes body scrubs aren’t enough to slough off dry, scaly skin so that’s when you reach for something stronger and Glytone’s Exfoliating Body Wash with its 8.8% glycolic acid is the perfect thing. After just one week of using the body wash my skin was significantly smoother and after prolonged use I can see that it’s evening out the skintone.

FemFresh Triple Action Soothing Wash* – I’ll write this as soon as I can before I die of embarrassment but I realise that it’s a must to get it out there! This gentle, gynaecologically tested formula from FemFresh isn’t just meant for the intimate area, but is a great shower product in general. It cleanses incredibly well and is also enriched with protecting cranberry oil. So many people say that water alone is enough, however if you don’t like the idea of using water this is perfect.


Thea Skincare Acne & Oily Skin Clarity Face Exfoliator* – I don’t often use face scrubs as using a good muslin cloth whilst cleansing tends to get the job done, however dead skin is a fact of life in this weather so some manual exfoliation is very much needed. This incredibly gentle scrub exfoliates with jojoba beads and fruit extracts. The scrub from natural Thea Skincare also contains aloe vera, vitamin E to repair the skin and organic rooibos tea with antioxidant properties.

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Neroli Daily Brightening Cleanser* – I got this cleanser in a goody bag from an event hosted by Grace and Ewa and I’m glad I came across this! It’s a no nonsense cleanser which has the perfect gel yet balmy consistency which emulsifies on contact with water, but I prefer to use a muslin cloth as it cleansers a whole lot better that way. The neroli is great for firming up the skin

Saaf Pure Face Cleanser* – I’ve never used a cleansing balm as good as this and I’m not exaggerating! My skin often doesn’t take too well to cleansers; they’re either too drying or don’t cleanse properly at all. However the Saaf cleanser glides across the skin like a dream making it perfect for facial massage before removing with a warm flannel. The geranium, lavender and grapefruit oils are perfect to soothe, cleanse and calm my acne prone and usually angry skin. It smells incredibly soothing too.

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel – This is another cleanser I’m be using (yes, I’m aware there’s three!). It’s an ideal cleanser for congested, dull and tired skin thanks to the rosemary leaf, anti-pollution moringa peptides, organic argan oil and rice silk which combine to create a gentle gel cleanser which emulsifies into a milk. I like using this in the morning and after using the Saaf cleanser for double cleansing action.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil* – As you can gather I like cleansing balms and gels, a lot. I’m not too keen on cleansing oils as I find that they break me out and trigger huge reactions but this oil from Japanese brand DHC is a far cry from the oils that have ruined my skin in the past. Full review here.

Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water – Moving on from cleansers, this isn’t called extraordinary for the sake of it. Why would Melvita lie? After a couple of days flying throughout the Middle East a couple of months ago, my skin was drier than a cheese cracker and was starting to break out too, however beauty expert and other half of BeautyMART gave me some to take home in an attempt at taming the shrew that is my troublesome skin. In practically no time my parched skin was given a new lease of life. The Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water is formulated with soy-based hyaluronic cid and organic glycerine to lock in moisture as well as neroli essential oil and fig mucilage.

Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir* – Before I go on to talk about how amazing this is, it’s an anti-ageing product but some products designed to help combat ageing and wrinkles work great on acne prone skin too if they contain ingredients such as glycolic acid. When I first looked at the Night Renewal Elixir I dismissed it as a product I didn’t need, but now my skin can’t do without it at all. I heard glowing reviews about this from several people including Huda Kattan so I gave it a try, and the first time I used it I noticed my skin was softer and more hydrated. I’ve been suffering from a crazy breakout for the past two months and the elixir is helping to keep it under control which hardly any other product has managed to do.

A’kin Kaolin Clay & Activated Carbon Express Purifying Facial Masque* – When your skin is congested, breaking out and just misbehaving in general you need to bring the big boys and this face mask which you can get from ONG helps my skin in ways it’ll never understand because it’s only a face mask and can’t hear me talking to it about how much I love its rich creaminess and powerful combo of carbon, kaolin clay, lemon grass, witch hazel and cedarwood.

Differin Cream – This isn’t exactly something you can easily find in stores, it’s a prescription cream so if you have acne then it’s best advice to speak to your doctor about trying treatments and Differin is a great product to use as well as Epiduo. When a breakout or a spot comes my way, I zap it with great products and finish things off with this and I expect a spot to disappear within 2 days.

What’s in your winter bathroom cabinet?

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