Operation Banish Those Marks

You’d think that suffering at the hands of acne for years would be enough, but once you tackle it what’s left behind is a patchwork of hyperpigmentation enough to leave you convinced that you’ll be reaching for the full-coverage concealer for eternity….

Brushing Up

Brushes or fingers? If there ever was a debate within the realm of beauty it would be this. Proponents of the former argue that makeup application is precise and that brushes give the skin a polished look while ‘slap-it-on’ is often the…

2014's Favourite Products

The thoughts and emotions that come around this time of the year are so overwhelming – I’m often in a pensive, reflective mood and can’t help but look back to the past year’s regrets, triumphs and achievements. For me my year couldn’t be more bittersweet…

B. Even Oil Control Foundation

After countless disappointing shopping trips over the years you develop some kind of filter to all drugstore foundation launches – I have only ever found a foundation that’s worked for my skin twice, and even then they weren’t the best match….

Parfum Du Jour | LUSH Lust

It’s said that the fragrance one wears is a reflection of their character, but after recently attending my friend Natalie Clue‘s Keziah Connections event held at the Lush Spa on King’s Road I came to ponder on the possibility of scent also assisting one in assuming particular traits or characteristics that…