B. Even Oil Control Foundation

B Eeven Oil Control Foundation 2

After countless disappointing shopping trips over the years you develop some kind of filter to all drugstore foundation launches – I have only ever found a foundation that’s worked for my skin twice, and even then they weren’t the best match. Should I go on the quest to find an affordable foundation today, I’m willing to wager that 99% out there wouldn’t suit me, rather shocking considering that women of colour in the UK are a demographic with growing spending power, but a brand I’ve recently discovered falling into that 1% is a brand exclusive to Superdrug, B. with their new B. Even Oil Control Foundation* which comes at a steal for just £10.99 – tried and tested on 100 women of different ethnicities and skintones, B. has made sure to create a product that comes in an extended colour range, including Caramel my match, to suit a range of skintones from light to dark.

With shade range covered, what about the formula and finish of B. Even Oil Control? After watching celebrity makeup artist and B. ambassador, Cassie Lomas making over model Nada Adelle and following her tips, I have fallen in love. Its Moroccan argan kernal extract base is infused with skin loving ingredients like SPF 15, antioxidant vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, which attracts water from the atmosphere to the outermost layer of the skin and can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water providing 10 hour hydration, polyphenol rich fractions from the fruits of North American saw palmetto and South American sesame seeds thus feeding the skin and creates this beautiful fresh, glowing, medium to high coverage finish that isn’t too matte. What’s more, the foundation has been clinically proven to control oil while keeping the skin hydrated which is great news for those who steer clear of foundations that give the dreaded shiny face in photos.

The entire B. makeup and skincare range is suitable for vegans and carries the leaping bunny symbol of Cruelty Free International.

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Parfum Du Jour | LUSH Lust

It’s said that the fragrance one wears is a reflection of their character, but after recently attending my friend Natalie Clue‘s Keziah Connections event held at the Lush Spa on King’s Road I came to ponder on the possibility of scent also assisting one in assuming particular traits or characteristics that they may not naturally possess, but wish they did. Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena captures what I mean best in an interview with Allure by suggesting that ‘perfume builds up the other self. The one I am and the one I wish I was’. At the event Natalie had the attendees scour the shelves for a product that best represented us, and that’s when I found Lush’s Lust - an unabashedly loud, heady jasmine fragrance. The complete opposite of yours truly.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI’ve loved very few fragrances other than Lust where a single note dominates as I find them to be too simple and lacking, but Lust is straight up deep. There’s vanilla, sandalwood, ylang ylang and rose but they’re the supporting acts to jasmine’s main act as they merely make the fragrance sweeter and more indolic than other jasmine fragrances of the fresher, greener variety like Michael Kors’ Glam Jasmine, another jasmine fragrance I’ve purchased this year.

In a recent moment of procrastination I completed a personality test, and according to Briggs and Myers people can be segmented into 16 personality types; I just so happen to fall into a rare category of human being, the INFJ. I would strongly urge you to take the test and get spooked out by how accurate the results are. While my sceptical nature fails to make me quick to take the results as gospel, traits common to INFJ’s include a tendency to be introverted, sensitive, altruistic, intuitive and are complex in that they’ll have their ‘outside persona’ and that which they display to their loved ones. Taking this into account, I’ve always been drawn to jasmine, be it Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge or even the smell of jasmine bushes that line the streets of Cairo, however it’s a scent that connotes everything in direct contrast to the previously mentioned traits – boldness, sensuality, being outspoken and strong. But referring back to Jean-Claude Ellena, maybe my affinity for all things jasmine could be to draw from it and somehow take on all that jasmine is.

The next time you try a fragrance consider stepping out of the cliché that fragrance must mirror your personality. Instead, consider assuming another persona – maybe Lyric by Amouage* laced with rose, cardamom, saffron and tonka bean to ignite passion or notes of plum, jasmine sambac, oud, cashmere wood and lily in Estée Lauder’s new Modern Muse Chic* to leave you feeling bold, creative and daring.

Beauty Experiences | Facials by Dija

Facials by DijaThere’s a lot I love about London like the city never being short of amazing facialists and salons, but a downside? The chaos and stress that accompany even the most simplest of journeys which threatens to destroy every bit of calm achieved from a facial when you’re travelling back home. Now that’s where professional facialist Dija Ayodele comes in with her Facials By Dija service – Dija is a great friend of mine and is one of the few people I turn to for skincare advice as her experience and extensive knowledge is next to none, so when she recently visited my home following the launch of Facials By Dija, an affordable and accessible mobile facial service excited would be an understatement to describe my reaction!

Dija couldn’t have come to rescue my skin at a better time; getting adjusted into postgraduate studies, being a little reckless and indulging in one too many white chocolate cookies left my skin inflamed and breaking out across the cheeks, jawline and chin – the classic effects of glycation, so Dija did a facial that was thoroughly cleansing yet also gentle and hydrating which is exactly what my out of control skin needed. There was an informative consultation, some steaming and definitely some extraction involved, but what I particularly loved was how Dija used products from a number of brands so that meant Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for cleansing and moisturising, Antonia Burrell for exfoliating, Sisley for detoxing and hydrating and S5’s Purity Serum as a treatment for my blemishes. This is a completely different approach in comparison to most salons where the therapist will strictly use products from a single skincare line which doesn’t always ensure you get the best results. Moreover, Dija didn’t stop with using products across different brands, she even gave me a facial massage with a bespoke oil blend she concocted using lavender, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils.

I always leave facials at least a week before an important event as they have a way of breaking me out (the whole it’ll get worse before it gets better mantra applies) but a day after Dija‘s facial and my skin was calmer, less inflamed and heading towards a clearer direction. And if an amazing facial wasn’t enough, Dija followed up to see how my skin was faring and gave me some advice on making sure my skin improved “increase your water intake and you could take supplements of vitamin A, zinc and full spectrum omega oils to boost your skin’s ability to heal itself. A healthy diet full of greens and low GI foods will also contribute to overall health”.

Amla + Hair Conditioner = Wonderful Things!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThose that know me and try to make plans will know that Sunday is my day – a day to sleep in, catch up on my reading, go for a run and of course, a day of some much needed pampering. Sunday is where the week’s madness comes to a halt and gives one the chance to recuperate in order to face the week ahead; some just prefer to face the week looking their best.

Unless I’m using a hair mask like the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle I’ll often resort to concocting a mask of my own, and one of my trusty recipes is a generous helping of amla oil mixed into a basic conditioner (I use Alberto Balsam for co-washing, and at £1 a pop it’s a steal). Found in many a Saudi household, I discovered Dabur Amla Hair Oil through a friend and it’s been dressing table staple ever since. Amla is a powerhouse of benefits including its anti-dandruff, properties and its ability to strengthen your locks and give great shine. To condition, most amla devotees favour it in powder form and add water to turn it into a paste, but since amla powder is hard to find I’m happy to use an oil instead. I’m not one for following exact measurements, but I guess I use roughly a quarter to half a cup of conditioner and around 2 tablespoons of amla oil.

Because Sunday means me not leaving the house, I take full advantage of the fact that no one has to see me with a shower cap on so anything less than 3 hours to let this mask work its magic is a no-no – the longer, the better and after lazing around for that long and finally rinsing the mask out you’ll find your hair to be instantly softer, but over time you’ll notice your hair becoming shinier, thicker and just generally healthier. However I’m in need of more moisture, so for next Sunday olive and avocado oil, I’m looking at you.

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